Intershine USA - Ekopet & Roadshine products now available in US! | Who we are?
Intershine USA is the official distributor of Ekopet and Roadshine. Ekopet products are made with natural essences and Amazonia Extracts. The best pet care products for your furry friends! Roadshine car care products are made with real Brazilian carnauba wax to provide practical and quality solutions to automobile cleaning. Navigate into our website to find more about our products!
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Who we are?


Located in Cabreúva, São Paulo, Brazil, Interbrilho has more than 40 years of experience in developing solutions to automotive and pet care markets. Committed to create practical and innovative products to consumers based on a sustainable production process to our environment. Interbrilho products are now also available in the US market, distributed by Intershine. 


In 1974, a passion for car reaches high levels. Keep the car clean and shining was the Brazilian desire. So in this scenery Rodabrill and Bucas brands were born, created by a family-run company. In 2005 it was the time for PET passionate, at this trend Petbrilho line was born. Nowadays, Rodabrill and Petbrilho has grown in size, in technological advances and with market aggressiveness, counting on its experienced Sales and Marketing teams. The company is known for its constant innovations and promotions. So, in 2016 thinking of bigger flights, Intershine was born, with Roadshine and Ekopet lines. The same quality from Brazil to the world.


Product quality and customer satisfaction are the main goals of Intershine. The strict quality control involves all stages of the production and distribution process. Rodabrill and Petbrill products comply with national and international laws in all its features, formulations and production methods. Interbrilho serves the domestic and international markets with an efficient logistics process, from packaging and separation of products to shipment and quickly dispatch to arrive at the point of destination in the shortest possible time.