Intershine USA - Ekopet & Roadshine products now available in US! | About Roadshine
Intershine USA is the official distributor of Ekopet and Roadshine. Ekopet products are made with natural essences and Amazonia Extracts. The best pet care products for your furry friends! Roadshine car care products are made with real Brazilian carnauba wax to provide practical and quality solutions to automobile cleaning. Navigate into our website to find more about our products!
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About Roadshine

Product innovations for the car care business.

Practical and quality solutions to automobile cleaning is one of the main objetives of Roadshine product line. Present in more than 15 territories in Latin America, Roadshine line combines technology, solutions and specifically formulated products for your car cleaning routine.


  • Roadshine Wax Made with Real Brazilian Carnauba
  • Unique formula. Safer for you, better for your car.
  • Mirror-Like Shine
  • Easy-to-Use Products and Applications
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed



Easy as 1,2,3! Our Liquid Quick Wax was developed with Real Carnauba Wax to provide your car a shinny and mirror-like surface. Easy to apply, it removes dirt and superficial scratches and also helps water beading your painting. Reveal your car’s radiant color again with no effort! 

Newest Showcase Addition

Roadshine provides constant innovation developing easy-to-use, convenient and effective cleaning products. Our newest showcase additions – Screen Cleaner easily wipes screen residues away without damaging surfaces. Roadshine new range of products now offers efficient solutions for your car, home and specially consumers.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.